Saturday, February 13, 2016

Learn how to do forex happy trading: 1 Hr scalping strategy designed for 10-15 pips profit.

I found this clip interesting enough to put it in this blog. With some homework done, I jotted down notes below.

1 Hr scalping strategy designed for 10-15 pips profit.

Trading Rules
  • Do not trade during ranging market 
  • Trade during strong markets such as session openning and closing of London, New York and Asian ### [ need elaboration here for Bangkok time ] ###
Price action method

EURJPY example tranding:

Entry trade setup for Heikin-Ashi chart H4:H1 TF
  • H4 Sma25 was slanting down.
  • H1 Sma25 was above candles and slanting down.
  • H1 Setup price rallied for 5 consecutive up candles (at least 2 up candles).
  • H1 An alert candle changed color and closed at 98.81.
  • H1 A sell limit entry was set to 8 pips below 98.81 = 98.73.
  • H1 Trade confidence came from the fact that H4 was still slanting down.
  • H1 Once the sell entry was met and the entry candle was closed, a stop loss was placed at 8 pips above the high point.
  • H1 With the price continued downward, the profit was growing. The stop loss was moved down to 8 pips above each down candle.
  • H1 When the price closed and changed color, took profit.

To be continued.

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